Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know if we can afford Cirque performers?

Chances are – you can! You do not need a large budget to have amazing entertainment at your event. We customize your entertainment package for as little as $6,000 up to budgets in the millions.

Can you perform for 20 minutes? An hour? Even 90 minutes?

Absolutely! We produce full theater events and entertain your guests with superior, world class entertainment. Our goal is to collaborate with you to create a theme for your event as you imagine it coming alive on stage.

Do you provide full event production?

No surprise - we have the ability to create a full production. As you would expect – we orchestrate your décor, linens, sound and lighting to create staging like you’ve never imagined. Allow our Master of Ceremonies to electrify your production like never before!

Can you perform almost anywhere?

With ease! Your wish is our performance! We perform in theaters, private parties, conventions, corporate events and grand openings. Our performances are limited only by your imagination – not ours!

Can we hire performers to enhance the atmosphere instead of full acts?

We recommend it! Conventions and grand openings are some examples of multiple performers in one day. Costs vary depending on the number of acts, length and days needed.

Can your artists master several performances in one day/evening?

It’s their specialty! Conventions are the perfect venue for multiple acts. Performances are tailored to meet your timeframe and cost allowance.

Can we hire just one act?

Of course! But for your next event – you’ll see you can’t hire just one!

Do you have entertainment nationwide
and international?

Call us Cirque International. Performers travel worldwide and introduce people around the globe to their unforgettable talents.

Can you perform in small areas?

No worries – many acts can be performed on the floor in small areas. It’s best to have our artists on risers - but we work with the space that you have and can guide you to create entertainment everyone will enjoy. Fascinated by our German Wheel act? We are, too! While our artists can perform in a space that is 12’ x 30’, more stunts can be performed with 30’ x 30’. If you really want to blow them away, a 40’ x 40’ space allows us to pull out all the stops! Looking for an intimate show – a stage size of 28’ x 32’ would be great. If you want our aerial artists to captivate your guests, they need a minimum ceiling height of 16 feet. Just let us know what we have to work with and we’ll try our best to make it happen!

Are we limited to only Cirque entertainment?

Never! We have Las Vegas style magic shows, headline entertainment, stomp shows, keynote speakers and anything else you can imagine. If you imagine it, we will create it!