Corporate Events

Cirque between the Courses

Imagine the possibilities! Guests are seated and before the first course – Cirque performers are flying over the crowd dangling from high above. Just before their second course – a contortionist appears transforming her body into poses you never thought possible. Entertainment between the courses is designed for clients with time or monetary limitations. Guests continue to network and socialize during the event while they are dazzled by each performer.

After Dinner Cirque
(banquet rounds or theater style)

Imagine their surprise! The final course is served and the show begins. These seated shows can range from 25 to 90 minutes – acts being performed in an atmosphere of wonderment. You watch in delight while your guests are in awe of each performance.

Awards a la Cirque

Imagine their excitement! Recipients receive their award compliments of the unique style of our Cirque performers. Our staff will guide you in creating a script that will entertain your guests like never before. An awards event that is magical and unforgettable – and deserving of an award itself.

The Cirque Cabaret

Imagine their curiosity! A reception, kickoff party or product launch – Cirque style. Allow our performers to circulate throughout your event – engaging your guests and have them craving for more.

Cirque Business

Imagine the momentum! A sales meeting guaranteed to inspire your team. Cirque performers will ignite the atmosphere of your morning meeting, energize the team during a session break and engross them in a team building event bringing them to new heights.

Cirque – Exhibition Style

Imagine the attendance! Thousands of dollars spent designing your booth yet potential customers pass you by. Cirque performers enhance your exhibit by drawing attendees to you. Your product and services are intertwined into their magical acts that will amaze and take your breath away. As guests are astounded – your sales team performs magic of their very own!

Fundraising and Galas – Cirque Fashion

Imagine the dollars! Not just another gala when Cirque acts are laced throughout your program. Guests are captivated as performers astonish your audience with alluring acts performed before their eyes. Our clients are elated when ticket sales have soared and the gala hasn’t even begun. The slightest mention of Cirque can multiply your attendance as your event becomes the hottest ticket in town.

Celebrations – The Cirque Way

Imagine the memories! Celebrating your special occasion and commemorating that once in a lifetime event. Cirque performers mold themselves into your theme with their exceptional talent. A performer who balances himself on multiple canes while using only one arm. Hanging above – trapeze artists excite your guests with magnificent style.

Weddings, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Any celebration is elevated to new heights when our performers dazzle your guests as you party like never before.

Cirque Live!

Imagine the surroundings! Entertaining hundreds or even thousands – Cirque performers fascinate guests everywhere. Any setting is perfect – convention centers, arenas, theaters or even outside! Performances are created in any length you desire. But just remember – once they begin, you won’t want them to end.